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ENUM Test Setup

ENUM (RFC 6116) is a protocol developed by the IETF that uses the Internet DNS system to translate E.164 (i.e. ordinary) telephone numbers into IP addressing schemes (like SIP, H323 or Email).

Lets build an ENUM server quikly for testing ...

BIND installation on windows
BIND Configuration
ENUM Resolver
Dig command

DNS Test Setup for NAPTR, SRV, A Records

BIND installation on windows

Download latest BIND version from https://www.isc.org/downloads/

Unzip downloaded file or extract to a folder
Locate setup file BINDInstall.exe, right click on it and run it by choosing “Run as administrator”

BIND Installer Image

Change the Target Directory.

Use complex passwords including capital, alphanumeric, special characters. Window policies sometimes restricts weak password and block installation. For example I used P@ssw0rd

BIND create Directory prompt

Click on Yes when prompted.

You will get error if setup program cannot create Account for the Service.

BIND Error

The reasons of this error might be following

i)     you chose a week password that is not as per the password policies defined in windows. Choose a harder password which include alphanumeric and special character’s.

ii)     The setup program could not create required folders in path Target Directory provided by you. You may try with choosing another drive or path. Or make required directories manually (c:/dns/bin and c:/dns/etc). Note: Replace c:/dns with your desired path.

Setup program will take from few seconds to few minutes depending on your system setup and finally it will prompt “BIND installation completed successfully”

BIND Install success

Click OK
Verify the Progress section in BIND Installer.

Check Progress Section

Click “Exit” on the BIND Installer window to exit from setup program.

BIND Configuration

From the DOS prompt, change directory to target path where you installed bind, use the command this way: (My install folder was c:\dns, you should change path in command as set by you

cd c:\dns\bin
rndc-confgen -a

which will create a rndc.key file in c:\dns\etc directory.

generate rndc key

Now put following 02 files in c:\dns\etc directory.
Change directory to wherever you installed bind.
Change IP address to your IP where bind will listen.



Now you are ready to run service. Open services and start "ISC BIND" sevice.

Start ISC BIND Service

ENUM Test Lookup

To test enum server installation use any of the following utilities.

ENUM Resolver

ENUM Resolver is an Electronic NUmber Mapping (ENUM) Lookup utility. You can download it from KaplanSoft.

Enum Resolver


Dig command

Use dig command for enum lookup, see example below ..


Start testing now, test setup is ready. Don't forget to resart ISC Bind service whenever you edit the conf or db files.




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