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Rotate Logs, Delete Old Files


Delete files in a directory if there are more than predefined number


In following script Replace myBackupPath and filename with your values.




About Me

 March 21, 2019

Man! this quarantine is eating me up!! What's the point of holidays if you can't even get out of your house..!?. Oops!! this might not be the best way to start a blog especially when it's your first one :-I . So yeh  Hi! my name is Vatsal Hariramani and today I'm writing thi blog cause I don't have anything good to do in these holidays thanks to the coronavirus outbreak .....


Suresh Hariramani

I am an IOT enthusiast with more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector. Specializing in telecom service's; follow me for some very innovative and best in class IOT products as I unfold my knowledge and passion for the subject.


Vatsal Hariramani

Just me, myself and I, exploring the universe of uknownment. I have a heart of love and interests in technology, IOT and travel . And I want to share my world with you .