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OpenPlatform is for us to open up, unwind and do something creative. It's not tied to any specific sector. Let it be Telecom, Networking, Internet of Things, Home Automation, Art & Craft or xyz anything. This is our placeholder for following

  • Our DIY IOT and Home Automation projects, things we do in free time (sometimes it's so tempting that we make ourselves free to work on it).
  • Tips and tricks
  • X Y Z Anything


How to draw call flow sequence diagrams quickly
Traffic Engineering and Sizing
sipp tips and tricks
ENUM Test Setup
DNS Test Setup for NAPTR, SRV, A Records
Find SRTP in packet capture

Internet of Things -- All the fun is here
Google Scripts
Raspberry script- Interface PIR sensor to turn on and off Monitor screen
DIY: Openhab Alexa Echo Wall Clock

IT Stuff
Ping Drop Capture Script for Linux
Ping Drop Capture Script for Solaris
Linux Solaris Commands
Enable Asymmetric Routing


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