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Knock Knock

Knock: Convert Knock patterns to actions

 Feb 8, 2021

This is a simple device to control smart home with just your knocks. It can turn your knock patterns in actions like

1. Turn on/off lights
2. Send mail
3. Play music
4. IR Remote control for TV and music system (on/off, voice, change channels)
5. Send trigger to IFTTT to run a applet

Happy New Year Here's to a bright New Year
a fond farewell to the old;
here's to the things
that are yet to come,
and to the memories that we hold.
May you have a
prosperous New Year.

Happy New Year !

 January 01, 2021

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali !

 November 14, 2020

Diwali yeah it came again. The festival of lights, known for its purity and classical decorations around the world is back....

RGB 5050 Kitchen LED

Homemade $12!! 5m phillips hue LED!

 March 25, 2020

A few days back I was just surfing around the web as a usual loafer and stumbled upon some very cool PC setups with all sorts of amazing lights and everything. And the next thing I knew was that I also wanted these shiny lights....


About Me

 March 21, 2020

Man! this quarantine is eating me up!! What's the point of holidays if you can't even get out of your house..!?. Oops!! this might not be the best way to start a blog especially when it's your first one 😜 . So yeh  Hi! I my name is Vatsal Hariramani and today I'm writing thi blog cause I don't have anything good to do in these holidays thanks to the coronavirus outbreak 😟.....

Magic Scroollar

Magic Scroller

Coming soon.., March, 2020

Now what on Earth is a Magic Scroller!..? . First of all Hi! and welcome back to my blog first of all let me tell you that a magic scroller is much more than a combination of two very unlikely used together words. Have a look for yourself...

Sample Call FlowCall Flow

How to draw call flow diagrams "Quickly!!"

12 June, 2019

"A picture is worth a thousand words"

Call flow sequence diagrams help greatly in understanding telecom concepts. But drawing these diagrams is time taking. isn't it? ......



30 June, 2019

This page consistes of my collection of call detail records (cdr) analysis one-liner scripts. I have used these for the dialogic control switch (formarly veraz) icdr files over the years....


Sipp Tips And Tricks

4 July, 2019

SIPp can be installed on window, there is no need to install cygwin. We will be installing an older version of SIPp v3.1. More likely this will be enough for running basic as well as.... 


SIPp with SIP-I (ISUP) support

12 June, 2019

SIPp with SIP-I support works on Linux. No window please....

Test setup

ENUM Test Setup

12 June, 2019

ENUM (RFC 6116) is a protocol developed by the IETF that uses the Internet DNS system to translate E.164 (i.e. ordinary) telephone numbers into IP addressing schemes (like SIP, H323 or Email)...


DNS Test Setup for NAPTR, SRV,A records

12 June, 2019

Read ENUM Test Setup to install BIND on windows. If you already have BIND working, proceed to next steps

We will add config for mytestdomain.com



Find SRTP in packet capture

12 June, 2019

So you have just captured a SIP call with SRTP media and wondering why your wireshark is showing you RTP packets , these should be encrypted and hidden. Note that header for RTP \ SRTP is same...


Suresh Hariramani

I am an IOT enthusiast with more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector. Specializing in telecom service's; follow me for some very innovative and best in class IOT products as I unfold my knowledge and passion for the subject.


Vatsal Hariramani

Just me, myself and I, exploring the universe of uknownment. I have a heart of love and interests in technology, IOT and travel . And I want to share my world with you .