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How to install SIPp on windows (win10, win7, winxp)

SIPp can be installed on window, there is no need to install cygwin. We will be installing an older version of SIPp v3.1. More likely this will be enough for running basic as well as most of advanced test cases.

Download SIPp v3.1 from here.

Run the installer and select the install location. See that the path you give has read/write permissions. I usually avoid installing in drive where windows is installed. Follow the installer instructions to complete the installation.

Go to Start menu and click on start sipp. It will open a command window. Change directory to your installation directory and run SIPp.

SIPp Menu

Try follwing commands:
D:\Sipp_3.1>sipp -sn uas

Note: Do not run sipp by directly opening a command prompt window and changing directory to SIPp install directory. This will give the error "Error opening terminal: cygwin."
You need to run startterm.bat file to run sipp correctly.

Don't want to install anything, just extract this to any folder

Download http://tomeko.net/software/SIPpLauncher/bin/SIPpLauncher_0_1.7z from http://tomeko.net/software/SIPpLauncher/

This is SIPp v3.4.1 Extract files to a folder and run it. A nice sipp gui launcher is also included in package.

Open a command prompt, cd to extracted folder and give command "sipp-win32.exe -sn uas"
D:\Softwares\sipp\SIPpLauncher_0_1\SIPpLauncher>sipp-win32.exe -sn uas

Or use the GUI SIPp launcher...

SIPp Scenarios

Here is a collection of sipp scenarios

Want to write by yourself


SIPp Commands

sipp -i -p 5060 -sf sipp_uac_basic.xml -m 15 -d 1000 -s 983303903

i = Local IP Address
p = Local Port
sf = Scenario file
m = Number of calls to be made, after this sipp stops
mi = Local media IP Address
d = Value of pause (delay) used in scenario file in milli seconds
s = username part of request URI (B-Party Number)
In above command example is the SIP Server IP:Port

sipp -i -p 5070 -sf sipp_uas_basic.xml
SIP Server will listen on IP port 5070.

SIPp Regex

Check following to see how to use Regex

Extract FROM header tag from received message
Insert the following regexp:

<ereg regexp="tag=([^ ]*)" search_in="hdr" header="From" check_it="true" assign_to="1,2" />
<log message="tag is [$1], [$2]"/>

As you can see if you set -trace_logs on the command line, variable [$1] contains "tag=xxxx" and variable [$2] contains the value of the tag only.


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