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SIPp Registration Scenario UAS and UAC

Lets start with UAS scenario


Command to run UAS
./sipp -i -p 5060 -sf register_auth_uas.xml -inf users.csv -infindex users.csv 0

If you are using absolute paths
./sipp -i -p 5060 -sf /home/ec2-user/sh/register_auth_uas.xml -inf /home/ec2-user/sh/users.csv -infindex users.csv 0

note that in end of command " -infindex users.csv", here do not use full path, just filename is expected.

users.csv containing users and password (first column is username, second column is password).


Sample UAS Script


Command to run UAC
./sipp -i -p 5070 -sf register_uac.xml -inf register.csv

Note: replace " -p 5070" with local sipp IP and port.
replace "" with remote (Registrar) IP and Port.


Sample UAC Script


Download link for above files is here.


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