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How to draw call flow sequence diagrams
Traffic Engineering and Sizing
SIPp tips and tricks
SIPp with SIP-I (ISUP) support
SIPp register UAS and UAC scenario
SIPp generate CDR log
SIPp generate calls of different call-durations
ENUM Test Setup
DNS Test Setup for NAPTR, SRV, A Records
Find SRTP in packet capture
sip registration
sip locating servers (NAPTR & SRV)
sip basic call flow
tcp and tls handshake
ss7 to ss7 call flow
ss7 to sip call flow
ss7 to pri call flow
sip to ss7 call flow
SIP Asymmetrical Registration
SIP Service Examples (RFC5359)
test call flow


Internet of Things
vatsal.OpenPlatform.xyz -- All the fun is here
Google Scripts
Raspberry script-Interface PIR sensor to turn on and off Monitor screen
DIY: Openhab Alexa Echo Wall Clock
ATtiny13: My Adventures with this little microchip
ATtiny13 Door Sensor
RGB smart LED Strip
Knock-Convert Knock Patterns to Actions
Push ups counter

IT Stuff
Ping Drop Capture Script for Linux
Ping Drop Capture Script for Solaris
File Maintenance Scripts
Linux Solaris Commands
CentOS7 config to send SNMPV3 traps
Enable Asymmetric Routing
CentOS/RHEL: How to Enable the Old ethX Style Network Interface Scheme
Live remote tracing (packet capture) using plink
Run Apache Tomcat on https Port 443
AWK Script: Join two tables on common field
PowerShell Scripts
some random scripts
NGINX Reverse Proxy

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Vatsal Hariramani

Just me, myself and I, exploring the universe of uknownment. I have a heart of love and interests in technology, IOT and travel . And I want to share my world with you .