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Oracle Database

 PuTTY doesn't support column greater than 180 approx, What you can do is pipe your output through less with the -S option, which tells it not to wrap long lines, and use the left and right arrow keys to scroll sideways:

your_command | less -S
./queryScript | less -S

Note that this will only work if the command is invoked from a shell, but not from within an SQL client

Login as sysdba
sqlplus / as sysdba

Query to get oracle DATABASE name
select * from v$database;

Query to get database mode
select open_mode from v$database;

Query to get hostname
select host_name from v$instance;

select database_role from v$database;

Find last queries of oracle (This will give you last half day i.e. 12 hours).
SELECT * FROM V$SQL V where to_date(v.FIRST_LOAD_TIME,'YYYY-MM-DD hh24:mi:ss') > (sysdate - 1/2)

Dump a Oracle table into a CSV file

SET PAGESIZE 50000 => Set this to a much bigger value. This value indicates the number of lines per page. The header line will get printed in every page. In order to avoid this, set it to a bigger value so that the header appears only once.

SET COLSEP "," => Setting the column separator to ",". With this setting, the list displayed by the SELECT clause will be comma separated.

SET LINESIZE 200 => The number of characters per line. The default is 80 which means after 80 characters, the rest of the content will be in the next line. Set this to a value which is good enough for the entire record to come in a single line.

SET FEEDBACK OFF => When a select query is executed, a statement appears at the prompt, say "25 rows selected". In order to prevent this from appearing in the CSV file, the feedback is put off.

SPOOL $FILE => Spool command records the session queries and results into the file specified. In other words, this will write the results of the query to the file.

SPOOL OFF => To stop writing the contents of the sql session to the file



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