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SIPp: Generate calls of different call-durations

 Feb 11, 2021

You can use <pause> to introduce a delay in SIPp scenarios. Use <pause> between 200 OK and BYE to get required call length.
<pause milliseconds="5000"/> : pause the scenario for 5 seconds.
<pause/> : When this delay is not set, the value of the -d command line parameter is used.
<pause distribution="fixed" value="1000" /> pauses for 1 second.
<pause distribution="uniform" min="2000" max="5000"/> pauses between 2 and 5 seconds.
Find out more on SIPp documentation.

For distributed pauses, GNU Scientific Libraries (gsl) is needed. Install GSL using yum command.

# yum install gsl gsl-devel

Check that GSL is installed and working fine
gsl-randist seed n DIST param1 param2 ...

[root@localhost ~]# gsl-randist 5 10 exponential 45
[root@localhost ~]#

Now change directory to sipp folder and install / re-install SIPp

# make clean
# ./configure --with-sctp --with-pcap --with-openssl --with-gsl 
# make

Note that you can omit sctp/pcap/openssl switches as par your requirement.

Here is a scenario xml file where I am using
<pause distribution="normal" mean="60000" stdev="15000"/>
This provides a normal pause with a mean of 60 seconds (i.e. 60,000 ms) and a standard deviation of 15 seconds. The mean and standard deviation are specified as integer milliseconds.

To run this scenario I used following commands

# ./sipp -i -p 2500 -sf uac-gsl-pause.xml -s 901 -m 11 -trace_logs


# ./sipp -i -p 2500 -sn uas

Call Durations received from above scenario (in seconds)
24.054, 40.841,49.815, 58.683, 59.418, 59.739, 62.013, 71.009, 73.409, 74.966, 85.12

Note: If SIPp is installed without GSL support it will give error like
The distribution 'normal' is only available with GSL..

And following is a csv log file generated for test calls, where last field is call duration




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