How to draw call flow sequence diagrams
Traffic Engineering and Sizing
SIPp tips and tricks
SIPp with SIP-I (ISUP) support
SIPp register UAS and UAC scenario
SIPp generate TLS call
SIPp generate CDR log
SIPp generate calls of different call-durations
ENUM Test Setup
DNS Test Setup for NAPTR, SRV, A Records (Windows)
DNS Test Setup for NAPTR, SRV, A Records (Linux)
LDAP Test setup
Find SRTP in packet capture

sip basic call flow
sip registration
sip register Digest authentication response calculation
sip locating servers (NAPTR & SRV)
tcp and tls handshake
ss7 to ss7 call flow
ss7 to sip call flow
ss7 to pri call flow
sip to ss7 call flow
SIP Asymmetrical Registration
SIP Service Examples (RFC5359)
    Call Hold
    Consultation Hold
    Music on Hold
    Transfer - Unattended
    Transfer - Attended
    Transfer - Instant Messaging
    Call Forwarding Unconditional
    Call Forwarding - Busy
    Call Forwarding - No Answer
    3-Way Conference - Third Party Is Added
    3-Way Conference - Third Party Joins
    Call Management (Incoming Call Screening)
    Call Management (Outgoing Call Screening)
    Call Park
    Call Pickup
    Automatic Redial
    Click to Dial
test call flow